"I'll Never Leave You...Never" 

Movie Synopsis

In this small town, an elderly couple, Earl and Flossie May, who are their own comedians, also full of love, and want to share Jesus with the world, live by neighbors that struggle daily with familiar life problems, single parents, broken, depressed, lost without God in their lives. They stay private even though their front doors are all so close. That is until, Tiffanee and Teagan, the children that often go hungry, find out that Meals on Wheels delivers free food to their neighbors, Earl and Flossie May,
befriends them very quickly and they become family.

       A tragedy takes place pulling the whole town together, which also makes an atheist mother yell out to God to prove Himself. You will be wiping tears from laughing and crying in this emotional rollercoaster. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat wanting to jump in the middle of this amazing, beautiful, heartwarming comedy that is also full of suspense and action and a great message of HOPE! Remember, the Jesus in you, may be the only Jesus others will see in a lifetime!